Château Gazin

”Feminine and seductive, due to the dominance of the Merlot, Château GAZIN’s wines can be enjoyed after a few years in the bottle, but usually they are worth laying down for fifteen, twenty years or more.
Their sumptuous generosity offers a wide aromatic range of red and black fruit which harmonizes with their intense crimson or garnet red colour.
They typically offer hints of plum, chocolate, coffee or liquorice, with aromas of almonds, toast, tobacco and vanilla, and a minty freshness.
With maturity they develop a spicy nose, with a hint of truffles, notes of undergrowth, game, fur and leather.”

”The 2019 vintage is full bodied and smooth with a long finish. Its supple, rounded tannins give it elegance and good complexity, which will be enhanced over time. The wine will reach maturity in around 10 years. Kept in the right condittions it will be able to be enjoyed for around 20 years.”


”The harvests are carried out by hand, as each plot reaches perfect ripeness. The grapes undergo an initial sorting in the vineyard, carried out by the pickers. Two further sorting stages take place in the vat room, before and after removal of the stalks, to optimize the quality of the fruit.

Alcoholic fermentation takes place in small concrete vats, separated by grape variety and plot, the juice and skins are then left to macerate for two to three weeks. The free-run wine is then drawn off and kept separate from the wine obtained by pressing the residue (“marc”). The second fermentation, or malolactic fermentation, is then carried out, each grape variety being kept separate, either in barrels or vats, depending on the quality of the batches.

The wines are then transferred to oak barrels (50% new barrels). They mature for eighteen months, during which the wines are progressively blended during meticulous rackings approximately every three months. The contact with the fine lees and the oak tannins gradually adds structure and complexity, enabling the production of wines that can be laid down and that will improve over time.”


  • Artikelnummer: 9505001
  • Producent: Château Gazin
  • Land: Frankrike
  • Ursprung: Pomerol
  • Årgång: 2019
  • Druva: 88,5% Merlot, 7% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4,5% Cabernet Franc
  • Förpackning: Flaska
  • Volym: 750 ml
  • Pris: 839 :-

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